I love photography, the real life kind; photographs that can be believed where people (whether it’s mums-to-be, children or families) are just being themselves. My photography is authentic and I like to create an honest visual diary of family stories from all stages of life. There are of course those big moments we like to photograph, the beautiful bump, the newborn brevity, the birthday celebrations and other significant milestones. But there are also the every day stories – the ones that are made up of the little as well as big things. There doesn’t actually need to be a reason for you to document your family time, as the perfectly ordinary days are not ordinary at all. Many of us reflect fondly upon the less glamorous moments of our lives; painting the nursery eight months pregnant, having lunch as a family, giving the baby a bath, the lazy Sunday mornings and all of the things that swish by amidst the chaos of parenthood. These moments deserve to be documented most of all.

Each family is unique, with its own rituals and quirks which change from month to month and year to year. Kids in particular grow before our very eyes and their little idiosyncrasies change bit by bit. I don’t know about you but my memory starts to become hazy the further time goes by; I think I’ll remember these things but I quite often don’t. Having a photo session to preserve any of these moments is simply priceless. I want my session with you to be unique to your family, and I hope that my photographs will become illustrations to the “Remember whens…” of your future.

My photo shoots are about real life and are meant to be a true interpretation of you and/or your family as you are now. My intention is that it’s a comfortable experience, where for the best part you don’t feel like you’ve been in front of the camera. You might be bringing a newborn baby home, having an adventure or walk outside with the kids; planning a trip to the park, painting indoors or your family might be decorating the house ready for Christmas (these are just a few suggestions there are millions more).

Whatever you decide, I will capture your family connections, finding real expressions and character and do so naturally with minimal posing and intervention – I’ve had to do it this way really – my children rarely sit still and smile for anything! All packages are ideals for families at any stage of their lives. Whether you are parents-to-be, parents already or even grandparents wanting photographs of yourself or your family, the opportunities are endless so please contact me anytime to discuss how we can tell your family story.

Photo shoots are also available as gift certificates and are perfect presents for family and friends.

The ClassicOne

[£99 (Mon-Fri only)]

This package is designed for people who are looking for a small set of portrait images and prints to simply update the family collection/wall mounts or as a gift to someone special, marking a special occasion.

Whilst this package tends to be slightly more structured than the others, the session still has an informal, natural appeal because it will generally take place in your home or garden.   Think of it as a small moments session at home!

Package Features:

• 1.5 hour photography session (max 2 people)

• 8 high resolution, print ready digital images uploaded online to a private viewing gallery (with full personal usage rights at no additional charge)

• Choice between three 6×9 or one 8×10 professionally printed lustre photograph(s)

• Personalised Facebook Timeline cover

Children's Photography Bristol - 121 Photography Lessons Bristol

Popular for:

Simple, no fuss portraiture e.g maternity, newborn, older babies, first steps, toddler or teens. Also perfect for photographing siblings together at home

The Signatureone

[£130 (Mon-Fri) £170 (Sat)]

This package is for those who are looking for a larger (unlimited) set of images with an interest in capturing “life’ as it is happening. With only gentle prompts from me, the aim is to capture the ordinary as well as the extraordinary snippets in your regular – real – daily goings-on. So think of this as storytelling family time as opposed to an appointment!

Whilst most family Signature sessions take place outside you may prefer to have the photographs taken indoors (that is – if you have an abundance of light in your home?) Some clients opt to start at home and venture outdoors later in the shoot. If you are interested in this package for a newborn shoot it will definitely take place indoors at home.

Package Features:

• 2 hour photography session at your chosen location (inc. up to 5 people, each additional person is £15 extra)

• 30 high resolution images presented on a branded stylish USB device (but I do not limited the maximum number I share with you)

• Personalised Facebook Timeline cover

• Selection of 6×4 professionally printed proofs as courtesy

Children's Photography Bristol - 121 Photography Lessons Bristol

Popular for:

One-off wider family lifestyle sessions e.g. maternity with siblings, newborn with parents, your family having fun outdoors or hanging out at home

Display Options

Mounted prints, bespoke framing, canvas wraps and coffee table (story) books are available as a bespoke addition. But, there is no hard sell and no minimum spend. Additional products can be ordered either before or after your shoot and I don’t impose a time limit on when orders are placed.

Having invested your time and resources in capturing the story of your family, it’s vital to get the right finish. It’s important to me to provide you with products that not only look amazing, but are also made to a high standard. Quality is paramount, so the range of products has been carefully chosen to ensure they will last the ravages of time.

Unframed Prints arrive pre-mounted, prices start from £23 for 8”x10” and increase in size

Bespoke Framing prices start at £159 for 12”x18” and are available in bespoke sizes

Canvas Wraps are available with a different finish and depth and can be completed with a box frame. Prices start at: £96 for A4 and increase in size.

Coffee Table Story Book prices start from £300 for 10″x10″ or £350 for 12″x12″ (more sizes available)

For a full price list please get in touch.


Learn Photography


Would you like to improve the photos you take of your friends and family? Do you often get some great shots but it’s a bit hit and miss and you don’t know why? Did you buy a new camera so you could take pictures of your children? Or have you had one for ages but not known how to use it? Yes? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Learning photography is a lifelong process but with tuition, you will quickly make the most of your camera, learn basic to advanced techniques, and become a better photographer.

We all want to take brilliant photographs but we don’t always have the time to spend hours reading confusing manuals or grappling with technical jargon. Preparation is the key to the success of each session, and I dedicate time in advance to ensure content is prepared to your needs in a non-too-technical environment. It is all about a bit of theory… and a lot of practice: you should walk away from our session(s) having discovered new settings and techniques and know how to use them in everyday situations.

One-to-one Photography Tuition (£70):

Take your photography skills to a whole new level. With one-to-one photography sessions, you can focus on the areas that matter most to you.

My one-to-one sessions are 2.5 hours long and completely led by my clients so you set the agenda! For some this might focus on the technical aspects of photography to help improve their camera skills, while others are interested in aesthetic techniques to assist their composition.

Areas of learning can include (but are not limited to):

Working with natural light

Interacting with subjects (e.g. children) for authenticity

Composing successful images more creatively

Getting to grips with the camera dials and general settings

Understanding the relationship between aperture, shutter speed and ISO

Nailing specific focus every time

Post-processing editing tools and work flow

Equipment recommendations (although I would normally advise that new equipment isn’t always necessary)

Contact me to book your one-to-one tuition session today

Mentoring (£30 per hour following one-to-one tuition only):

My mentoring programme is an extension of my one-to–one tuition where I can continue to guide you over a period of time enabling you to learn to a deeper level and develop a broader range of skills. We plan the number, frequency and content of each mentoring session in advance and the training can be delivered face to face or remotely via phone or Skype. For example, you can opt for one follow up mentoring session or a block of 3 to 6 spread out on a monthly basis. Each session is 1 hour long.

I also blog about frequent subjects covered in my mentoring sessions and if you have any suggested topics feel free to get in touch.