The Clarke Family, Ashton Court, Bristol

So this one was a Christmas surprise. Returning to Ashton Court, I met with Lucy and her gorgeous children without Dad – who didn’t know he would be receiving a collection of photographs on December 25th. It was such a good shoot, perfect weather – perfect location and honestly, they are perfect children. Bearing in mind this is winter it was still completely apt to stop for ice cream! I could have stayed and mucked about with this lot for ages, but the sun literally went down and it began getting dark – gutted!

Not long after delivering the images to Lucy, I received this lovely message: “I just wanted to say how beautiful the pictures are. I haven’t stopped looking at them. Thank you so much we had such a fun afternoon and the pictures really show that. I cannot wait to put them up around the house (although I’m not sure how I’m going to choose…)”

And, here’s the twist, not long afterwards I received another message: “I could’t keep it in…they are just so good I had to show my husband and he loved them too.”

So not a surprise anymore, but who cares they loved them. Hoorah!

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