Each stage of a baby’s life will offer something special and new. Those early days fly by and before you know it, your little person is crawling, walking, walking and leaving babyhood behind. A photo session at home, in your own environment, is a great way of capturing you with your new baby (and siblings if you have them). You can choose any of my family packages to photograph newborn and older babies – it’s a ‘no fuss’ arrangement and I come with all the equipment I need.

I’m quite often asked about the perfect age to photograph a baby and whilst any time is a good time (yes really!) there are a few big milestones during the baby’s first year that are always great to capture…

Newborns – A one-off opportunity to creatively document the curled up cuteness and fresh little features – toes, fingers and ‘puckered up’ lips and perhaps the nursery details you’ve spent time choosing. I always allow a little more time for these sessions (at no extra cost) for feeding, changing and settling where necessary.

Newborn sessions ideally take place within the first 7-21 days of life, with the best time being under 12 days old when they are sleepy and docile with that predictable newborn ‘curl’.

4-8 months – A lovely age where your baby is very alert, interacting with smiles and giggles. At 6 months they can most likely sit and hold their own head up during tummy time and because they probably aren’t crawling yet they are well positioned for me to capture some close crop portraits too.

12-14 months – The first major milestone when little people have developed plenty of personality and expression. They have probably mastered the art of standing up, with or without support and can possibly even walk. They have favourite toys that they simply can’t live without and are brilliantly unpredictable.