Are you a creative entrepreneur, crafter, caterer, entertainer, blogger or small business owner setting yourself up (or expanding) and thinking about getting professional images for your website, promotional materials or social media? Are you looking to gain visibility, build connections and reach new clients? Are you hoping to inspire trust by helping people see the real and relatable person behind the business? If yes, then this might be for you …

As a small business owner myself I’m acutely aware of the time, energy and cost that can be invested into your service or product. Your clients or customers may only see the end result and be completely unaware of the monetary (and artistic) value behind the scenes.

I believe that honest, authentic photography for small businesses is a powerful tool to attract your customer, many of whom have an increasing desire to connect and engage. In the climate of extreme competition, having originality and photographs with character (that tell your story) can be essential in setting you apart from your competition.

So what does personal brand photography look like? If you have your own business, you are the brand – you are your biggest asset and you are far more than the logo.

It’s not just a head-shot: Because there are so many sides to you: the strategist, the grafter, the parent, the friend, the explorer, it’s important that your photographs reflect who you are in the mind of your client. If say, you have a quirky, gregarious personality, you will want your photos to reflect who you are.

Invite people behind the scenes: Creating contextual shots that tell a visual story of the business, so your potential customers can see the authenticity of what you do; your environment, the process, the tools, the materials and your skill. If you work in a casual setting and meet clients over coffee, or spend time in your studio working in an artisan trade why not capture those images in your business photographs?

How does the process work? It really depends on the package you opt for but overall my approach is simple. I always try to tell a story with my photography, demonstrating what you do or the message you’d like to get across. Some of my clients already have a good idea of what they want and others literally don’t know where to start. So, the planning process is something we do together – it’s a joint effort. I’ll often recommend my clients set up a Pinterest board to build a portfolio of images they like. This can help me understand the style of photography they are looking for and helps them to start thinking creatively. In our discussions we’ll pick up on key points, your style and your unique selling point and get to the bottom of what your business represents and translate it visually into a concept for the shoot. I can take photographs in one or multiple locations – on your premises, in your home, outdoors or on location somewhere casual.

The outcome is a range of images that can convey your personality, strengthen your message, connect with your audience and show your business in the way you envision it. Depending on your requirements I can help you create a collection of images that can be used across your website and hardcopy promotional materials as well as having a stock of images to boost your social media presence. And with so many online platforms out there, all requiring regular and new content, photographs such as these will certainly differentiate you from those alike. The main advantage is that your photographs will be personalised and relevant to your business.

Regular Packages

All packages are tailor made. Following an initial concept meeting to discuss the nature of your business and high-level requirements I will send you a bespoke quote (see package options as a guide below). Each quote will take into account the number of shooting hours, number and choice of location(s), image requirements, equipment and post-production editing. All packages also include detailed preparations with a comprehensive face-to-face pre-shoot consultation to agree the right creative images to help sell your service and convey your brand message. This is aided by a brief you would have completed prior to our pre-shoot meeting.

As a guide, images can be packaged in the following way:

Styled Shoot* Relaxed portrait photographs e.g. the story of you in the context of your working environment

Stock & Product Photography* Your product/service using a combination of lifestyle and product photography e.g. personalised flat lays and/or styled product shots for your chosen media or sales channels

*Prices start from £295 per package – discount available when combining the above


Note: All images include full personal usage rights. I do not copyright or watermark the images you receive so you are able to make as many prints as you like, share online and make multiple copies.

Full Brand Story

Behind the Scenes Brand Story – An extended bespoke ‘day in the life” shoot taking photographs as if I was alongside you in your role, capturing your work authentically ‘as it happens’. Invite people in behind the scenes across multiple locations to uncover a full collection of images which include lifestyle portraits, contextual ‘doing shots,’ fresh and creative stock and product photography as well as ‘after sales’ placement images of your product/service in use. Walk away armed with a collection of images ready for your website, blog posts, magazine and interview features, marketing materials, business cards, newsletters, product catalogues, banners and flyers as well as social media profiles and posts.

Please contact me for a full Brand Story guide price and any other bespoke requirements you have for a tailored package.