The Must Read Book for Every Young Family

With World Book Day coming up (and putting aside the annual costume debacle) I thought I’d share one of my own family’s all-time favourite kids book “You Choose” by Nick Sharratt and Pippa Goodhart. We’ve had this book on our shelf since 2012 and it’s been read so many times it’s literally hanging together by a thread. 

You Choose fires up the imagination and is different every time your read it. Filled with colourful illustrations, each busy double page asks questions like “Where would you live” “Who would be your friend? “What’s in your house” “How would you travel” “Where would you sleep” What would you wear” and “What freakishly fantastic food would you choose for lunch?” 

It’s been a favourite book at bedtime and over the years my girls have ended a day imagining they could go anywhere and do anything. One day they could go on a bouncy castle and sleep in a shoe, wear a suit of armour with trainers and a handbag or eat sausages and chips with cream. The next they could be living in a tower block with a secret door to the seaside.  There are absolutely no rights and wrongs. It’s a good book for any age (probably starting at around 3 years old) and it grows with them.

They can go from being a princess or an astronaut to making more sophisticated or wacky choices

It’s a clever book with a simple idea and I love it because it gives us plenty to chatter and giggle about. Sometimes the kids can deny convention and the madness of it all just makes me laugh. I suppose on a more serious note it gets them reasoning and thinking about how others live but there’s no doubt this book is really about making choices fun.  It’s also pretty handy if you’re pushed for time and you can’t face anything too taxing – you can make it as short or as long as you want. Bonus! 

If you need more convincing here’s what the big wigs say: 

“Everyones fantasies can be fulfilled” [The Guardian] 

“This book never becomes dull. The possibilities are endless [Baby and You]

“Great for make believe and encouraging imagination” [Practical Parenting] 

So what is your favourite kids book? I’m always looking for ideas too so pleeeease do share …….. 


If you need more help choosing a book for your kids I’d recommend the links below and I’ve also started to follow @weliketoreadbooks on instagram. Check it all out and let me know how you get on!!   

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