Family Photographer Bristol [Hannah, George, Molly + William]

These guys wanted their photo shoot at home in Bristol and I was so pleased to find Hannah had a raft of things planned for the kids – garden toys, cardboard boxes, books and bubbles, not to mention the kiddos getting a few trips around the garden in George’s new wheelbarrow (bought in preparation to dig their new trampoline base). That said it’s amazing how much you really don’t need and that just dancing in ballet gear and jumping up and down in a cot can create so many amazing shots.

I can honestly say I loved every minute of this session, it was such a pleasure and I think Molly made a brilliant photographer’s assistant! Afterwards, Hannah sent me some images she’d taken with her iPhone with me showing my mate Molly how to use a ‘big girl’s camera’. This lot were the bees knees and here are my top picks:


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