Family Photographer Weston Super Mare [Sophia + Miya]

While it’s not ‘beach going’ weather here at the moment, it actually presents a really good opportunity to hit the sand and sea with my clients and camera. I photographed Sophia and Miya a few years back when Miya was only 10 days olds and was so happy to get a call requesting an updated mother and daughter shoot. So we met early morning with a pushchair laden with snacks, games and a few changes of clothes.

Despite it being slightly chilly Sophia was brilliant at keeping Miya occupied. When in doubt there is always a cuddle to be had (followed by snacks of course) and being thrown in the air and tickled always works a treat. I loved hanging out with these guys – never a dull moment.

You know, it really doesn’t have to be warm with sunshine to hit the beach. Low lying cloud with mist is actually really moody and often provide a unique plain backdrop which enables me to create some beautiful portraits as well as those natural documentary shots. See what you think…..

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