29 Priceless Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Looking for gift ideas for Mother’s Day? There may be a number of scrumptious women you’re looking to treat this week – maybe you’re a mum and would like to give your family some inspiration on how you might spend the day; maybe you’re looking for some ideas on how you can treat your own mum; or perhaps you are celebrating someone other than your mum – a special women who feels like family that deserves some recognition. Whatever your reason here are 29 gift ideas for mother’s day I’ve gleaned from dads, kids, friends and there’s a few of my own personal faves in here as well.

Many of these ideas are particularly useful if (given our current climate) you are deciding to lie low this year – or if you have a loved one that you won’t be able to see.

Ideas that cost zilch

1. Honest compliments

It’s her day – so from start to finish let her know how truly awesome she is and shower her with compliments. Every time you see her – tell her or hug her if you can. If she’s not in reach then use text or email and have a chat on the blower. I’ve been using FaceTime a lot this week with my Mum – the kids have been calling just to say goodnight so she continues to feel part of our daily life! Our Mums spend a huge amount of time devoted to giving us a life of love and happiness so leave her in no doubt that she is your rock!

2. Quality time to chill

Put away the ipads, phones, video games and turn off the TV. Just chill and spend QT with her – the odds are she’d love to have a nice talk…… without competing for your attention. This is the easiest (and most appreciated) gift idea for Mother’s Day EVER! Again this is something you can do virtually over FaceTime or WhatsApp too!

3. A lie in

Give her what she’s probably craving for: a few extra hours of uninterrupted sleep to catch some bonus ZZZs. For bonus points run her bath when she wakes up. 

4. Breakfast served in bed

Start off the day with a tray full of her favourite breakfast goodies (after her sleep-in of course). Or check out some new exciting brunch recipes online and deliver them right to her bed. As she’s enjoying it all, clean up the kitchen to really make an impression. 

Why not also treat those hands that have done so much for you with a relaxing hand massage afterwards. This gets my vote.

5. Getting outdoors 

Get the whole gang outside and enjoy the fresh air.  Whether you go for a long hike, a short walk or take a family bike ride, it will feel great to get up and get moving — especially before you indulge in some Sunday pudding. Or if you’d prefer to be less active then take the car for a spin and plan a fun road trip to a place she’s always wanted to visit. Nothing is as therapeutic as the open road (I’m told), and road trips are a great way to get away from the distractions of every day life. It’s a time to have some heart-to-heart conversations or blast out your favourite tunes.

6. Plan a picnic  

Skip the noisy, pricey restaurant and instead lay out a picnic in a quiet corner of the park. Choose plenty of her favourite food – stuff she doesn’t have to prepare or pack! Who wouldn’t love some fun in the sun with her favourite food and favourite people. Quite a lot of my buddies favoured this option so it’s a popular choice!!

7. Lend a hand

Why not ask her if there’s a job she hates doing around the house that you can do for her. Maybe wash her car or pair the socks (in my eyes there’s nothing worse than sorting socks!)

8. Volunteer and give to others

Maybe she’s the type who loves giving back, and is always trying to get the rest of the family involved. Head to a soup kitchen, community garden, or other charitable organisation (maybe ones that help mothers and children) and spend a few hours serving the community.  Spend the day volunteering for a cause close to your hearts. It will feel so good to know you’re helping others in need while at the same time bonding with her. That said, tread carefully and make sure this is something she really cares about or wants to do — otherwise it might just feel like extra work. Arghh!

9. Write her a letter

Write a letter of appreciation – listing all her virtues. You could list all the reasons you love her or put together a list of things you’ve learned from her over the years. As an alternative you could help the kids write their favourite memories on small index cards and put them in a memory box (it’s a lot easier than a scrapbook and she can pull the box out occasionally and remember the fun times with the family.) Both ideas would be a treasured keepsake.

10. Make a family video

This one takes a little extra planning, but it would be an amazing way to make her feel special (especially if you are unable to see her). Have everyone talk on camera about her – what they love and what fun memories they have. Then compile the video clips on your phone, add some pictures and music and get it ready to watch her beam!

11. Make a photo collage

One good way to share family memories is to look at old photographs or home movies. Take a trip down memory lane together and have a giggle. Put together a collage of photos from the past and pop in a recent  selfie you’ve had with her to finish it off.

12. Play family board games

Have an afternoon board game marathon or one before bed (if it’s Monopoly then remember to start it in the morning cos it’s takes FOREVER). Make sure all family members understand fighting, arguing, complaining and whining is strictly on hold until the following day!

13. Create a book of homemade vouchers

If you are feeling extra generous then you could make a book of homemade vouchers she could redeem throughout the Mother’s Day weekend or if you can’t see her – for the following few weeks/months ahead. This can draw on everyone’s skills and make sure that she still feeling the love even when Mothers Day is done and dusted. Personally this is one of my faves especially given the current climate.


Spare cash ideas

14. Make a creative impression

Make her a homemade card or a poster that can be framed. Pop to your local craft store and get a long paper roll, a frame and some non-toxic paint. Pour some paint into a shallow tub and get everyone to dip their hands or feet into it and press on the card or paper to leave behind their print. You can decide whether or not to label each handprint and footprint with the person’s name, date and special message then just allow the creative masterpiece to dry and finish with the frame.  

15. Make a donation on her behalf 

Does she have a cause that she feels strongly about? There are lots of worthy organisations that need financial help right now and if we take some time out to learn about these then it also helps to share the message (it also teaches the kids about being empathetic and charitable).

16. Set up a treasure hunt 

Hide a bunch of small gifts (say under £5 each) around the house, then write riddles inside cards to lead her to their location. This is a fun activity that the little ones can help plan, too!

17. Buy a good book 

Grab her a good book from the book shop or charity shop, allow her some downtime to indulge with a blanket and a brew.

18. Tackle a home project

Is there a DIY project that needs to be done? Roll up your sleeves and help give her give your home (or her home) a little extra love e.g. painting the skirting boards or nailing in those hooks.

19. Watch a movie

When’s the last time she got to watch something that wasn’t on kids TV? Mums often have to compromise on what to watch to keep everyone else happy. So this time choose something she loves or has been dying to see. Go big…..prop her feet up, dim the lights, get some blankets out, put the fire on  and make sure you have all her favourite treats to hand. For bonus points give her exclusive rights to the remote afterwards.  

20. Cook a meal

If she’s always the person making the meals, give her a kitchen pass by making one of these really easy mother day dinner recipes.

21. Host a happy hour at home

Hats off to the person who suggested this (you know who you are!) Show off your bartending skills by making some yummy drinks at home. Make a menu or find one online! If your mixing skills are minimal, just pop open some gin or prosecco and let her get on with a good book. Actually have you ever tried gin and prosecco together? Try a French 77 cocktail …….yum-me! 

22. Bake something together 

If she loves baking (and only if she does) bake a scrumptious cake for the whole family to enjoy. I like EATING cake more than making it. Husband if you are reading this I just love a lemon and blueberry recipe.

Bigger Investment Ideas

23. Make a personalised gift basket 

As much as us women love thoughtful gifts, imagine how she would react to a bunch of them all at once! A gift basket with a few of her favourite things – like snacks, lotions, make up, perfumes, books – are a welcome gift and also communicate that you know her, love her, and know just what she would like. Sure, you can buy a pre-made gift basket, but you know her far better than a company does—so consider making one instead! This way you can bundle a few of your ideas for Mother’s Day together. 

24. Get her pampered or a DIY massage at home

She’s probably a hardworking sort so some well-deserved time with a massage therapist would leave her feeling completely rejuvenated. A little rest and relaxation is always great for her physical and emotional health. Book a spa session for her in the nearby salon offering a relaxing massage, or refreshing facial. Otherwise, you could do a lot worse by getting her a foot scrub and a fresh coat of polish. You can often find good deals for a mani/pedi on good old Groupon. Just make sure you check how long it’s valid for – try going for those with a 12 month expiry.  Failing that you could organise a DIY version at home – not quite the same but the thought is there!?!

25. Book a family photo shoot  

This is one of my favourite ideas for Mother’s Day – obvs! What’s a better memory than a family photoshoot experience? Buy a gift voucher and hire a photographer (like me) to take countless pictures you’ll enjoy for years to come. If there’s one thing Mums in particular can’t get enough of, it’s family pictures. Mum’s usually the one behind the camera, so it’d be great to get her in the foreground a little more. My photoshoot experiences don’t even require you to leave the house or garden but other’s ask if can be carried out in their favourite outdoor location. It’s so flexible that some clients even combine both.

All of the photographs featured in this post are from families who have asked me to record a slice of their family life. These are mums just like you – with their newborn, young baby, toddler or older kids. Some might even involve the grandparents.  If you want to know more about this then read more about my family sessions. Gift vouchers will be valid between 1st May 2020 to 1st May 2021 – something to look forward to maybe?

26. Help her learn a new skill

Has she always had a passion project but not done anything about it? Maybe she’s always wanted to try her hand at photography, or maybe she wants to learn how to make French dishes. Whatever her interests are, there’s probably a class or workshop in your village, town or city where she can explore a new passion or rekindle an old one. Er hum….. my second shameless plug – I also teach 1-2-1 photography as one-off sessions, short courses or workshops for anyone who wants to get to grips with their camera. Read more about how I can teach her to take better photographs. Gift vouchers will be valid between 1st May 2020 to 1st May 2021 for a face-to-face session or 12 months for sessions held online via Skype.

27. Buy a subscription

Treat her to a yearly subscription to her favourite magazine – something she can look forward to every month. I love this idea for Mother’s Day.

28. Sofa & shop

You might be choosing to head directly to the shops. But if you’ve been put off going outdoors unnecessarily you could window shop online. Take some time telling her what suits her and help her undergo a virtual spending spree. Try using the local independent websites or high street brands where possible to give them a boost in these weird times of shutdown.

29. Arrange time with her friend 

Depending on your self isolation measures does she need to spend some time with friends? If you know other family friends who are stuck for gift ideas for Mother’s Day then put your heads together. Why not arrange a time/date with one of her friends – get a few of them together on Skype for a chat or send them on a walk outside.

Whatever gift ideas for Mother’s Day you choose I really hope you have some special family time. And if like me you can’t be with your mum, then I hope it won’t be long until you are reunited. Family is everything.

If you’re interested and are curious to learn more about booking with me, be sure to reach out and get in touch. I often travel for family, maternity and newborn sessions so don’t let distance stop you! I’d be really pleased to hear from you.

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