Limited Edition Albums: August 2020 Only

I’ve recently teamed up with THE most fabulous album supplier and they have given me access to a limited edition range of leather-bound photo books (available throughout August only). 


If this year has taught me nothing else, it’s that the good times deserve to be cherished & celebrated. In an age where everyone is glued to their screens non-stop, slowing down and holding something in your hands is more important than ever. These days, everything is digital. Our conversations are digital, our photos are digital, our books are all-too-often digital – even this blog post is digital. We go onto our social media platforms to see the latest posts and photos our friends and family have shared, but what happens to those images beyond the digital world? Are we going to pass down SD/CF cards and USBs to our children and grandchildren? Or what happens when Facebook and Instagram are obsolete? Not too long ago, we were using floppy disks and dial-up internet, so who knows what the next quarter-century will bring? And what about MySpace (RIP).

Your story deserves to be placed in a book and not just on a harddrive! 

Maybe that’s why, more than ever, I am so utterly drawn to the tangible, the artisan-crafted, the real and rough-to-the touch. My shoots have always told a story so I’m keen that my clients, both past and present have the opportunity to hold theirs’ in a printed book. Although technology has changed over the years, the importance of photos has not. It is so, so important to have photos of our everyday lives printed.

You might be feeling this too? You might have been wanting to put your own photo books together? You might have even tried but not found the right software or album supplier? It is so easy to start and then say ‘I’ll come back to it!!!’ If this has been you I’d be super happy to help you tick this time consuming task off your ever growing ‘to do’ list.  

So let me tell you about the books. The limited edition range of 8×8 genuine leather albums includes 30 pages, personalised cover text and are available in Airforce Blue, Blush, Jade, Mist or Porcelain colours. My supplier is based the UK and I’m extremely impressed by their environmental credentials. What about the cost? Well during August this book of good feelings will only cost you £299 – designed, printed and delivered. This would normally be priced at £499.   

So what exactly do you get?

Your album layout designed by me (and sent to you for approval)

15 spreads (30 pages)

Art white paper

Choice of 5 leather colours

Cover printing (2 lines of text)

A presentation box with linen bag

Your cover options


Your cover text


Gallery of examples

Get your hands on something tangible in a digital world? 

Please do let me know if you’re interested – all I will need is you to 1) complete a simple online order form and 2) approve 30-50 images to create the book design. You then get to approve to final design. As I mentioned above, the limited-edition books will only be available during August and are being made in small batches. I suspect demand will be high so I’ll be placing orders as early as possible to avoid disappointment

Don’t leave this on your to-do list any longer! I’m always happy to chat things through so drop me a line if you have any questions

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