Mothers Day Photoshoot in Bristol Totterdown

Last Mothers Day I got together with two other small businesses to gift one super mum a Mothers Day she wouldn’t forget. Together we threw in 1) a Mothers Day photoshoot in Bristol (from me) 2) a sassy organic cotton t-shirt & tote bag, a bright bold wall graphic (by iShouldb) and 3) a rustic serving board with a personalised mothering message (gifted by WAB). Our bootiful draw winner was one half of the blogging duo sheandhem – Victoria. Here’s what happened:

1. Where did it take place? 

I met up with Victoria and 2 year old Ada during August in Totterdown Bristol. They were spending only a few months there whilst they waited for the refurbishment of their new home elsewhere in the city. I love this area, it’s relatively steep – lined with victorian houses known for their painted exteriors – often quite bright in colour. For me it’s a feast on the eyeballs (not to mention the growing number of quirky places to eat out). Anyway I’m going off point –  just check the place out sometime maybe starting with A Local’s Guide to Totterdown.

2. What did they wear? 

I loved how Victoria and Ada were in cahoots, both choosing to wear bold red. It felt like a team colour, but not too matchy matchy!! I don’t tell my clients what to wear for photoshoots – ever, preferring to see what they pick for themselves. The photoshoots are after all intended to reflect their character – their real life. I only ever tell people to dress according to the environment that we’ll be shooting in and that they feel comfortable in the clothes they wear.  That said I have often thought about putting some guidance together on what works well – these guys didn’t need it but others might?  What do you think? Would you rather blag your clothes on the day or have a helping hand from your photographer on what to wear? Tell me in the comments below.  

3. What did they do? 

Prior to the session Victoria was encouraged to think about everything she and Ada enjoyed doing together. By the time I arrived she had a perfect plan of activities meaning Ada would just be carried along in the fun of it all. We moved from room to room spending short spells of time capturing stuff they’d ordinarily do – their everyday stories. They played games, read books, got out painting and found time to bake (during which Ada was like “10 marshmallows for me, 1 for the bowl, 10 for me and so on…..”) I always capture the impromptu moments as well and a 2 year old can have plenty of those.

Neither Victoria or Ada are a stranger to the camera given that both are regularly snapped on the sheandhem blog with Jo and her daughters. They’re often pictured around the Bristol area giving shout outs to amazing small brands and businesses. They also talk about the shenanigans of their own growing families. This however was a different experience – this was for just them; their real life; their here and now as well as capturing their beautiful character and connection.

You may notice the scope creep at the end. The ‘Mothers Day Photoshoot in Bristol’ turned into the ‘Mothers Day Photoshoot in Bristol – with Dad’! I couldn’t help invite him into the session – he was great too!

4. What worked well? 

To round up, the shoot worked brilliantly. These guys totally threw themselves into the experience and with some good planning the shoot was packed with variety which was reflected in the final gallery. They didn’t need to be in their forever home, they simply needed to be together doing whatever made them happy. I enjoyed this session a lot.

So what’s happening this year. Well, I’m partnering with Chrissy Styles Me a personal stylist who’s giving away a wardrobe consultation and I’ll be giving away a Me & My Kid(s) Photoshoot. The Photoshoot will take place in the winner’s home and it’ll include 5 images downloaded from your own private online gallery. The giveaway will run from Sunday 7th March 2020 and Wednesday 10th March 2020 and it’ll be held on via our Instagram and Facebook feeds. This doesn’t happen often so make sure you get in on the action. 

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