Newborn Photography Bristol [Baby Henry]

Here’s Henry 8 days new – a cutie! I love simple, natural newborn photoshoots like these, which aim to capture the newness of it all as well as the love between mum, dad and their baby. Henry also has an older sister but she went off to pre-school to inform her buddies that her cool little brother has just arrived on the scene. No doubt she’ll get all the kudos from her pals and carers for the achievement!

I find the first few weeks in the life of a baby so intriguing. The first thing I noticed about Henry was his spiky little mohawk so I couldn’t leave without capturing it. Each day they change, also becoming more aware of what is going on around them and because this early stage in their life is so fleeting it’s such an honour to capture it – the quiet moments of calm, joint nappy changing, half drunk cups of tea, the ‘postie’ calling, the swaddle and even the tears.

Tori and Ed, here’s to all the love and wonder that lies ahead. Here are some of my favourites …

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