10 reasons why you should have a newborn photoshoot at home

You’re thinking about capturing some newborn photos when your baby arrives and you start searching online only to get lost in choices!! Do you want your pictures taken in a studio or would you prefer a newborn photoshoot at home. Do you want a natural relaxed style of photography or are you looking for it to be styled with elaborate props? The most important thing is that you’ve decided to capture these matchless newborn moments but how it gets done is really down to personal choice. You simply have to consider what is best for your family and choose a photographer that is right for you.

Capture those irreplaceable early days at home…

To help you along the way here’s a guide listing 10 reasons why capturing those irreplaceable early days on camera, without leaving the comfort of your own home, is an opportunity not to be missed. Of course, this is not to say there are not benefits for a studio session, but that’s for someone else to write about.

1. Newborn photoshoots at home are convenient 

The odds are that you’ll be pretty damn tired so sleep and bonding are of top priority. Leaving the house at this stage is unlikely to sound very appealing – so don’t! Why leave the cosy nest you’re all savouring to make an expedition to a local studio? In those first couple weeks of being home with a new baby, parents are acutely aware of the “what if’s” when it comes to leaving the house “What if we need XYZ?” “What if we forget something important” or even “What if we can’t get out on time”?

You’ll have to pack everything you need – clothes, nappies, muslins – potentially bottles and dummies – and travel to a studio whereas having an in-home session means the photographer comes to you.  It sounds obvious right? But getting out of the door with a newborn baby can be a military operation! Having a frazzled morning and rushing around is the last thing you want for your session. Let’s not even start on traffic and car parking!

It’s so much easier for a photographer to arrive at your door – they will have all the gear they need and you have everything at your finger tips. Having a newborn photoshoot at home means you can wake up, get the baby dressed then tag-team to get yourselves ready whilst the photographer sets to work on capturing those little baby details….

Newborn hands and feet


2. A session at home captures your life 

A newborn photoshoot at home is great for capturing more than just your new family. They also document where you and your will family live and grow together.

Maybe this is your ‘forever’ home. Or maybe it’s just where you’ve settled for this chapter in your life. Either way this is home, the space you brought your new family member into during the first days of life. You’ll always remember it.

3. A newborn photoshoot at home creates meaningful memories

Newborn photographs are magical – they contain memories and transport you back to a certain time and place. You’ll remember how tiny their feet were, how they had a limited sprinkling of fuzz for hair and how those little fingers used to grip your hand – moments that would otherwise be lost in the foggy depths of sleep deprivation.

Photographs can also kept and shared with your children later down the line. They’ll act as starting points for stories as they grow up wanting to know about the baby days they can’t quite remember.

4. Your home is unique with flexible backgrounds

What makes your newborn memories even sweeter is that they are set against the background of YOUR home – the space where you held those late-night feeding sessions; where you rocked your newborn to sleep as you paced the living room; in the bedroom where your family joined together to simply sit and be.

Families at home with newborns


A good photographer should also work on capturing the in-between moments – supping on a cold cuppa, changing nappies, snuggles on the sofa and a soppy furbaby observing from the corner etc! Talking of furbabies – they often get in on the show too…..


A controversial observation but so many newborn portraits have the same background, same blankets and some props. Whereas there’s nothing more unique than having a session that incorporates you and your own nik-naks. Personally I love photographing in different homes!

Many people also feel that their homes are not ‘photo-worthy’ as backdrops for their session but your photographer should reassure you that homes of all shapes and sizes have plenty of flexibility with a variety of background. At times the photographer will only need small pockets of space and light and they’ll know what they are looking for. Homes can have such a special energy – regardless of the decor!

5. Feeding a newborn at home is easier at first

Babies need food at very regular intervals to keep those newborn bellies full. So it’s important for a mum to be relaxed and comfortable while feeding, as well as for the baby to be content.

Different ways to feed a baby


Let’s face it, a lot of new parents don’t feel comfortable breastfeeding at a public place or have yet to figure out how to successfully breastfeed in general. Other mums think bottle feeding or pumping milk is the way to go. Either way there’s a lot of important paraphernalia involved and it all takes time. It did for me anyway – both times! Regardless of which way you decide to feed, a fed baby is a happy and sleepy baby.

Being able to capture your newborn photos at home will eliminate the stress of you having to pack your plastics, tissues, change mat, bottles, etc. Everything is simply within reach so you can continue to feed your baby how you normally do.

6.Young siblings feel secure in their own environment

The first few weeks with a new brother or sister can be overwhelming for some children. All the attention on newborns can make them restless, feeling left out.

With this being such an intense time having a session in your child’s own home will provide a much easier and successful experience. No need to have your other kid(s) climbing the walls of a small studio for 2-3 hours. At home they have the freedom to be in the room where the photographs are being taken but also have their own space if they want quiet time with their own books or toys. There’s probably an abundance of snacks at their disposable, and they could even have a power nap if it’s necessary. Bonus for you!


An older sibling will often want to introduce their new brother or sister then excitedly steal the show – something the photographer won’t mind at all. But it’s also common for siblings to be a little shy, so being in their own environment really can help.

7. Your recovery is important 

Giving birth is the most selfless, extraordinary (and exhausting) act a women can perform so she needs time to recover and adjust.

Most newborn photoshoots tend to take place quite early on during the recovery process – around 6 to 14 days after the birth, or at the very least, within your baby’s first 6 weeks. If there were any difficulties or complications during delivery (or it was just stressful or longer than expected) it may be beneficial for a mum to relax in her own home where she can chill out as much as possible in those first few weeks.

Mum exhausted after giving birth


Let’s be honest, it’s quite easy to say “adios” to your photographer after the session, shut the door then slip back into your PJs (there’s no judgment here – you’ve got a perfect excuse)!!

8. Wardrobes are close by in case a malfunction occurs 

Everything you own is already at home, which makes clothing changes and last-minute decisions a whole lot easier if you’re feeling indecisive. I’d always suggest you keep things super casual  (potentially with layers) but there might be a special outfit you’d like the baby/kids to wear? Being close to a change of clothes is also handy when the baby spits up milk or has a giant nappy explosion – you can even use your own bathroom and bedroom for makeup adjustments if you wish.

There’s time and ability to accommodate all of these circumstances during a newborn photoshoot at home.

9. There’s no strict timetable  

The only one setting the pace of the shoot is the baby. Your photographer shouldn’t be beating a drum suggesting that things need to speed up or slow down. as newborns are a law unto themselves. Working entirely around your newborn – their feeds, naps and changes is essential. There’s shouldn’t be anyone sitting on ceremony so you even throw some washing on, make yourselves a drink or grab some food if you’re getting hungry.

10. Who really likes posing for a camera anyway? 

Not everyone likes having their photograph taken. What better way to ensure that the whole family feels at ease, than if you you’re sat in the sanctuary of your own home – where it feels informal – away from studio lights/reflectors and another family in the waiting room behind you. A newborn photoshoot at home will probably be more lifestyle or documentary in nature anyway so you’ll find you aren’t prompted to pose (great for anyone who hates having their photo taken!)

The more relaxed and comfortable you feel, the more amazing you’ll look on-camera. That I know!

Dads with Newborns

Just think of it as family time instead of an appointment!

I hope this blog post has helped you weigh up whether a newborn photoshoot at home with a professional photographer is up your street? If you’re interested and are curious to learn more about booking with me, be sure to reach out and get in touch. I often travel for family, maternity and newborn sessions so don’t let distance stop you! I’d be really pleased to hear from you.

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